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Hack this hack that… Hack, Hack, Hack – EWWS Online HACK Sessions with Jacko… These days everything is online so why not a coaching session? Using tools that have become available in recent years the opportunity to get coaching from one of the best coaches in the world is now available to everyone*, no matter your location. EWWS Coach (and Guru) Jacko has been at this online work for a few years now and his work has helped loads of paddlers improve their freestyle and achieve their dreams. Now we are ready to offer this amazing opportunity to you through a two-month hack program. From an initial meeting** where you identify your key outcomes, we will get straight into this and right from the off provide resource to help you get there. This will come in the form of:

  • Hack Bulletins – taking knowledge from the experiences and learnings of the best in the world.
  • Video Hacks – where top athletes and other master performers give personal insight in a series of exclusive videos.
  • 1-1 hacks – Imagine this – you get to tell one of the best coach’s in the world what is going on and they get to give personal advice. Whattttttttttttt, no Wayyyyy!!!!!
  • And video analysis HACKO. Hmmm that sounds small….. with 30 -60 frames per second available we get right into the nub of what is going on and what needs to happen to allow performance… And we guarantee you have never had video analysis like this before!

The Hack comes as a two-month course which accounts for 8 hours of our input. There is a maximum of 4 places available per period. Following the training we do an exit briefing with you to ensure you are totally happy and know what comes next. Our aim is that you smash through your outcomes and go way, way beyond.

* The program is best suited to people who are already doing freestyle

** The initial meeting takes around 30 minutes and is free. Its to sound each other out and for both you and Jacko to be sure this will be the best option for you.

Cost: £200/220€ per month


Skill of the paddlers on this can be quite varied from people who have recently
started and just started to get tricks to people who are on national teams and want
to break into the next level

The program is delivered in English, but we are developing Spanish and French
options too.

After the course we have a final debrief where we are clear with the next steps.

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