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LiLi x EWWS Graz Prodigy Europeans Camp 2024



Graz, Austria

Quim Fontane

14 - 18 years

Graz (GRZ)

Airbnb Style

Hole Freestyle, Performance

8 spots

Prodigy Championships camp is a week of intensive, top quality coaching aimed at developing all aspects of your freestyle kayaking in preparation for the European Championships or just to improve your freestyle in a fun environment.

The freestyle development camp will be based in Graz, Austria where the European Championships will take place. The training schedule will be designed to suit your individual requirements, with the aim of preparing you for the upcoming European Championships.

Our expert coaches and their instruction and advice on competition preparation will help you maximize your performance and compete at your highest level in competition.

Personalised coaching – get individual coaching from some of the best on the elements of freestyle that you want to work on

Expert technique advice – we can break down any freestyle move or combo and provide you with key points and valuable understanding to help get that move nailed

Long term development – we aim not just to help you out during that week, but also to provide you with all the understanding and knowledge to continue your development towards European Championships and beyond

Daily video feedback – we will use progressive, positive coaching and resources including extensive daily video analysis

Comprehensive review – at the end of the week we will provide you with an extensive review of your paddling (we will also send you a digital copy via email) as well as a few video clips showing the key things you worked on

This camp also gives you the opportunity to transform your competition performance for the better. We will work on:

Competition preparation – we can help you prioritise your training to identify key areas for focus and help you put together a training plan that provides higher performance

Run construction – how to choose which move to do first? Go big or be conservative? Should you try to link moves or keep it simple? We will tackle all these questions and more to help you put together the perfect run on any feature.

Competition scoring – a fundamental part of winning competitions that is often overlooked is whether you are scoring what you think you are. We can help you understand how judging works, and help you build a comprehensive understanding of the latest competition rules.

Competition practice – we will run several practice competitions, and we will help you learn how to maximise your points. We can also explore the use of visualisation and other techniques to help you prepare your mind just before a competition.

Mental preparation – some days you paddle well, and some days you don’t. We will discuss ways to put yourself in the right mindset, feeling positive to make sure your big competition day is a day when you’re on fire, not washed out.

Training for a most important competition – if you are working towards a certain event, we can run the whole week with that competition in mind, help you put together a run and identify key areas for you to work on.

FLY IN/OUT & PICK UPS -Graz airport (GRZ)

DROP OFF – Camp finishes with afternoon session on the 24th August but we stay for the European Championships so if you need any help we will be there to assist you!


Day 2-5 – Graz
Two full sessions with learning how to use new playspot, and working on some techniques towards European Championships. Finding strong assets and slowly thinking towards preparing the run.

Classic day will start with morning warm up, setting the goals and breakfest followed by early session at main feature and lunch. After lunch we will have a while to rest and prepare for afternoon session with some “flat-ground” training. In afternoon depending on participants second session might be taken in top feature (small hole good for technique training) or in the main feature followed by dinner. After dinner we will do video analysis and trick breakdowns.

If official training days get extended over the trip dates – coach will assist participants on team trainings on given time. We will also take a part in early/late open trainings to share the vibe of preparation to the event. Some sessions will still take place at the top hole.

Day 6 – Graz
First session will be a mini-competition to provide opportunity of trying out test rides with formal judging. This test rides will help to find strong and weak sides of the rides and improve them over next sessions.

Day 7 Last Days moving around/Official trainings
Sessions on final day will be arranged earlier to make sure everybody who needs to leave makes most of the last day.

Camp finishes with afternoon session on the 24th August but we stay for the European Championships so if you need any help we will be there to assist you!

Itinerary is due to change according to official trainings schedule.


✔️ Shuttles to and from the airport and transport to and from the river. ​

✔️ Food​

✔️ Accommodation​

✔️ World class, personalised, low-ratio coaching led by Quim Fontané and Bartosz Czauderna​

 Daily feedback, Video coaching and video analysis​


➕ Flights, in case you need to fly in or out at the beginning and end of the camp.​

➕ Your own kayaking gear.​

➕ A suitable travel insurance.​

➕ About €100,00 spending money.​

Who is this trip for?​

The package is ideal for anyone who wants to prepare for the World or European Championships or bring their freestyle game to a maximum level and has a solid white water roll and a willingness to learn!

The freestyle development camps are during the summer holidays and provide a perfect opportunity to get some decent paddling in whilst other unfortunate souls are at work!

What will accomodation and meals be like?​

We are renting out a big house with seperate bedrooms, kitchen, patio and everything that is needed during a good training week. We will prepare meals ourselves from fresh ingridients mixing traditional meals with Spanish and Polish cuisines. We will travel to the feature daily.

Do you cater for youth paddlers too?​

The camp is suitable for both youth and adult paddlers. During the camp if our coaches are going to look after young paddlers, participants and their legal supervisors must agree to rules of camp.

Feel free to drop us an email if you have any concerns or questions about this or to discuss it further


LiLi x EWWS Graz Prodigy Europeans Camp 2024


If in doubt, please use the live chat in the corner to make sure the camp in Graz, Austria is suitable for your age and experience.

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