easter freestyle CAMP 2022 - nottingham

18.04.2022 24.04.2022

Nottingham, Great Britain

Quim Fontane

14-18 years

East Midlands Airport (UK)

No Accomodation Provided

Hole Freestyle

10 spots

A camp designed to prepare Junior paddlers for the upcoming Nottingham 2022 ICF World Championships, with strong focus on freestyle performance. This is a rather unusual EWWS Camp where accommodation or meals won’t be provided. It will be your responsibility to be on time for the sessions, the meeting point being the HPP parking lot. 

Expect to do at least two full on sessions per day. And be prepared to spend time on the water. This is what you’re here for, are you not?

The Lead Coach will be Quim Fontané with Sir David of the McClure, lord of the Sloth, on hold until we can confirm his assistance (man has exams). In case we receive lots of interest and David cannot make it we will find a guest coach to assist Quim. 

Each day of the Camp will have a main theme and everything happening during the day will be connected to the main topic; workshops, competitive exercises, technique clinics… Check the “Program” section to see more about each day’s themes.  

No official pick ups or drop offs this time, this will be up to you. If you really want to come and have no means to get to the Course just send us a message and we will find a solution. 

Day 1 – Familiarisation with the course and feature; a day to get to know the Nottingham Whitewater Course in case you have never been there before. We will make the best use of all features in the course, looking for all the learning possibilities it offers us. We will hold a little variety contest to wrap up the day. 

Day 2 – Understanding the World’s feature. Today we will spend a good deal of time on the Worlds feature. We will run a workshop to analyse the feature, identifying which are the sweet spots for each of the tricks, finding out the best ways to achieve good set ups and working out the the generals of the feature. 

Day 3 – Expanding my trick range. Today we will focus the attention on those tricks that are “work in progress”. We will work analytically, breaking down the trick in various phases and we will measure success not by counting how many times we can land the trick, but how much progress we make in each of the phases of the trick. 

Day 4 – About amplitude and style. Style is a slippery topic and we will intend to put light into what it means and how we can improve our style. 

Day 5 – Links and Combos. A day to go full send. Stop overthinking stuff, just throw whatever feels right. A day to enhance our creativity and fluidity on the feature. 

Day 6 – Tactics and the Mental Game. Here we will discuss some techniques to keep you chill and composed before the competition. Expect competitive exercises where the goal will be to put you under pressure both individually and in teams. 

Day 7 – The Competition Day. No best way to finish off the week and to evaluate your progress that putting you into test. From the moment you wake up to the moment the last second of your rides drains from the clock we will pretend this is the World Championships day. We will emulate everything, from what you’ll eat for breakfast, what you do as you arrive to the course, the warm up and finally your rides. The objective is to be familiar with each of the sensations you will experiment and to ready you to live them x10 fold once the World Championships come. 

TRIP FEE – 450,00€ or 375,00£


We do not look for world-class paddlers (hopefully we will help you become one). We look for motivated, passionate and open-minded individuals ready to commit to a full-on week that will transform your paddling and develop your thinking! A solid roll and basic freestyle skills make you a potential Burner! It is your mindset that counts. Expect to be pushed hard.


Sleeping bag, documents (ID, passport…), some pocket money, your favorite board game, a book, an open mind, lots of motivation… oh, and your kayaking gear might be useful too 😉


Can you think of any better opportunity to study English over the summer without even noticing it? Sessions will be run in English but in case you don’t understand or you have any questions, our coaches do speak French, Spanish and Catalan. Other Burners may be able to help you as well. Don’t worry, we will find the way to understand each other and your English will improve by the day!

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