camp 2022

07.08.2022 21.08.2022

Fort Smith, Canada

Jacko Jackson
Quim Fontané

12-18 years

Edmonton (YEG)

Airbnb Style Accommodation

Big Wave, Hole Freestyle, Riverrunning

10 spots per week

Getting to the Slave River is a mission in itself! A long flight and then a long drive means you need to come loaded with patience. Yet, the dividends are immense as the Slave really is the dreamland of any freestyle kayaker.

The Slave River in the North West Territories of Canada is a massive waterway that drains Lake Athabasca and meanders for the most part down to the Great Slave Lake as a silent river surrounded by boreal forests. It is between the old fur-trade settlements of Fitzgerald and Fort Smith that four sets of massive rapids shake up the monotony of the vast taiga and the tranquility of huge skies of the north.

Cassete, Pelican, Mountain Portage and Rapids of the Drowned are no ordinary rapids. Their lowest flow is three times that of the mighty Nile. Yet the real reason why the Slave is such an epic destination is the number and the quality of its playspots; from perfect combo holes and glassy waves to goliath-sized monsters the Slave will surprise you with its great variety of its features, some of which are still being discovered!

Blend this whitewater paradise with the untouched wilderness of the lands of the First Nations and the Metis tribes, the northern lights glowing high up in the night sky, long days in warm waters and random encounters with black bears or buffalos walking along the shore whilst you’re floating down the river, and you start to get the idea…

08.08.22 – Arrival day in Edmonton. Depart from airport, stay in a hostel for the night . Recover from flight and get ready for the road.

09.08.22 – It’s going to be a long drive. Prepare to spend the the day in the car. Bring a book, music, boardgames or some summer homework to do. Stay over night in hostel.

10.08.22 – Chances are we will still be driving, yet we should get to fort smith in the afternoon. Once we cross parallel 60 we’re almost there! We will drop our stuff in the accommodation and hit the river, provably “playground hole”.

11.08.22 – Introduction to the Slave – that’s our first proper day out. We will surf our first wave, a feature called “Monstah Sheisser” to get a first feel of our wave boating and the size of the river.

12.08.22 – Cassette mission – we will head to this magical set of rapids and surf “Outrageous” or “Rollercoster” depending on water level. A day to build confidence on big water.

13.08.22 – Mountain portage – river running spiced up with hole and wave freestyle. We will need to dodge the montruous “Edge”, fun will be had by all.

14.08.22 – 15.08.22 – Well, you got the idea, we continue to explore the goods that the slave has on offer depending on water levels. We will organise a barbeque on the shore and wait for the world renowned Northern Lights to light up the night sky. These days will push your wave paddling through the unique approach of the Burners program. Many adventures to speak about in the evenings.

16.08.22 – A little rest never killed anybody. We will do some active rest by exploring the wood buffalo national park or visiting the local pool, tennis or golf club.

17.08.22 – 18.08.22 – It’s step-it-up time, pushing things a bit harder and spending time on the bigger fetures like “Rock ‘em Sock ‘em” and exploring some of the lesser know features. We’ll check and potentially run Pelican rapid and generally hit up the Slave.

19.08.22 – 20.08.22 A goodbye morning paddle :’( Then back to the driving hustle, we’ll stop at a hostel for the night.

21.08.22 – Wow! What an adventure, it all went so fast! Goodbye and see you all soon Burners! Lots of sleep on the flight home.


2295,00 EUR


  • Loco parentis from point of drop off at departure airport until hand over at return airport
  • All transport once in Canada
  • Accommodation en-route and at destination in Canada – Airbnb Style.
  • World class, personalized, low-ration coaching led by Jacko Jackson & Quim Fontané.  Supported by the “Jacko’s Athlete Roster”.
  • All meals except 2 eats out at destination.


  • Flights & kayaking gear.
  • Suitable travel insurance to Canada.
  • About 250,00€ spending money.


Naaah… well, at least not in late August. The average summer temperature is 16ºC. Yet, it is common to be well above 20ºC during the warmest hours of the day. Bring both short- and long-sleeved clothing. The closer we get to to September, the more likely we are to get a couple of cold days.


There will be a few mosquitoes and horseflies but the peak for these little blood-suckers is June & July. By the time we get there, most of them will be gone. The cooler the weather, the fewer bugs there’ll be, but bring some anti-mosquito spray anyway!


The accommodation is Airbnb style, in the local town of Fort Smith. Rooms will be shared with other Burners, there will be a kitchen where we will share cooking and washing up duties. There is also a large garden where we’ll be able to dry our stuff, as well as other communal areas.


The size of the Slave can be a bit intimidating at first, but soon you will realize that the rapids are actually pretty manageable. A solid roll and confidence on class III makes you a potential member of the trip. Check with us if you are uncertain.

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