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We have paddles available in a size range between 191cm and 200cm. The available brands are Werner Paddles, Select Paddles and more. The shaft options are available in both: straight and bent (ergo).

  •  All the paddle reservations must be done on this page.

  • Please note that the availability of specific paddle models is limited, and reservations are only considered valid once you complete the purchase through our website.

  • The listed price includes responsible usage of the paddle. We kindly request that you treat the paddle as if it were your own. While we understand accidents happen, please refrain from mishandling the equipment, such as throwing it around or leaving it unsupervised, as this could result in a maintenance fee. It’s worth noting that we have not yet charged this fee to anyone.

  • The final call about the most suitable paddle model that we choose for you is up to us. 


Rent a paddle

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If in doubt, please use the live chat in the corner to make there are still paddles available and suitable for your size. Indicate the trip and your height.

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