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24th - 30th June 2024

EWWS Natural Games Freestyle Camp – Millau, France

Join the EWWS to get ready and compete on the Natural Games, an incredibly exciting Outdoor Sports and Music Festival taking place in Millau. We will have full four days to prepare for the freestyle Competition and the Kayak Cross. An event of another caliber, where athletes are treated like pop-stars; DJ, huge crowds, athlete area and a banging feature. In the evenings we will go out to enjoy the live music, the lineup of artists is fire! We will be based in cosy bungalows, a 1-minute walk from the festival area. DISCLAIMER: Be late to the accommodation after the...
19th - 25th July 2024

EWWS Euro Tour Saint Pierre – Freestyle

We just love Saint Pierre. There is so much fun to be had; warm water, guaranteed levels, several quality spots... even swimming is allowed on the course! This will really have the summer camp vibe that the EWWS is well known for. There will be plenty of opportunity to train hard and play hard as we help you progress your freestyle to the next level.  
3rd - 10th August 2024

EWWS x Burners Junior Performance Camp – Graz, Austria

A camp that is specifically aimed at juniors on national teams and based in the location where the ECA Freestyle European Championships will take place later in the year. Leading the camp the GOAT freestyle coach Jacko Jackson will ensure you’ll be the best version of yourself when it matters most; the international stage.
5th - 15th August 2024

EWWS Summer Creeking Camp – Sjoa, Norway

This is it, that's as good as it gets! The EWWS is doing its come back to the sacred northern lands of Norway in a quest for the ultimate whitewater experience. We will once more base ourselves in the Sjoa Rafting Camp, one of our favourite accommodations of all EWWS Camps. Both the Sjoa Playrun and the Amot Gorge are at our doorstep and we will be centrally located to explore the abundant whitewater the surrounding area has to offer. The highlight of the season, you simply cannot miss it!
18th - 24th August 2024

LiLi x EWWS Graz Prodigy Europeans Camp 2024

Prodigy Championships camp is a week of intensive, top quality coaching aimed at developing all aspects of your freestyle kayaking in preparation for the European Championships or just to improve your freestyle in a fun environment.
26th October - 2nd November 2024

EWWS Autumn Creeking Camp – Scotland

There is something special about the eerie landscapes and misty highlands of Scotland, and there is no better way to explore these lands than from the river. Join the EWWS for an epic trip to discover the amazing whitewater of the Scottish highlands.
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3rd - 9th June 2024

EWWS Spring Creeking Camp – Val Sesia, Italy – Camp 2

Come explore the pearl of the Italian Alps with the EWWS. Val Sesia is by all means the best paddling destination in the Alps during its short but action-packed season. An absolute classic and timeless destination we will never get bored of. One of those special places where the experience goes beyond the kayaking and blends with the local culture and tradition. An intermediate to advanced creeking trip.
10th June - 14th June 2024

HSPC x EWWS World of champions 2024 – Graz

What’s the difference between a world champion and  you? Is it physical, technical, tactical, psychological or  perhaps something else? Everyone who has ever pursued  success has asked this or a similar question at some point.  Some find it, some find a small piece of it and others look,  sometimes for their whole lives without even a glimpse. World of Champions helps you find the difference that  makes the difference and offers those who are open and  willing to grow, a journey of personal growth towards  finding the very best version of themselves. Are you ready  to jump in? 
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